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Exploring Wilderness 19th August

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How It Works

Step 1: Select an Escapade

Each Escapade is unique in its own way so make sure to read the details to see which one best suits you.

Step 2: Receive your Escapade

You will be sent a series of envelopes with random names on them. Solve the riddles in order to correctly complete the Escapade.

Step 3: Begin your Escapade

Each envelope will take you to a hidden gem. You will be awarded with extra bonus entries into the contest if you are able to solve the quests within the envelopes.

Step 4: Win prizes!

Every contest season will include new prizes. Successfully complete an Escapade to be entered into that season’s contest. Details on how to complete your entry will be found in your final envelope while on your Escapade.

Mystery Tales

Do you want to go and discover escapades which are hidden or they are kept as mystery? We are there for you! Be ready to hop on the quest of adventure.